artist bio

I realized at a young age I could think whatever I wanted and paint it not say it. There is a freedom that painting brings out in me, it is the most honest I know how to be with myself and others. I am an artist who loves to express myself on canvas with perplexing images and a story. 

I invite the viewer to take a look and try to figure out what the imagery in the painting represents. 

Music has always created visuals in my mind, it is at the heart of my work, the beat, the words, the notes. It picks the colors and the textures that start the pieces and keeps the paint flowing to the end.

Living in other countries and showing my work internationally brings a worldly perspective to my art, I enjoy giving back to the local community, and have done a few live paintings to benefit charities such as, one*n*ten Phoenix, The American Heart Association and Children’s Cancer Network.

“My work signifies love, lust, passion, loneliness, fear, movement, texture. All descriptive and all fit what represents me.”

The paint I put out, the brush I pick up. . . it’s a process that defines me and makes me have the inner calm I seek. I have a gift for effecting people visually and in my life I have sought to become better at that. I know I will always strive towards growth and understanding.

• Creating since birth

• Painting since 1993

• Self taught, traveled and lived in many places that included Italy,
  NewZealand, New York and Chicago while mastering my talent and
  learning my technique.

• 2017 Live painting to benefit American Heart Association,
  Painting auctioned for charity.

• 2017 Represented by Gallery Andrea
  7019 E. Main St. Scottsdale, AZ 85251

• 2018 Solo Exhibition at Salon D’Shayn
  1616 N. Central Ave #101 | Phoenix, AZ 85004

• November 2018 Debut Show,
  Live painting auctioned to benefit Children’s Cancer Network.

• April 2019 Represented by NYA Gallery •
  7 Franklin Place, New York, New York

• May 2019 RAW Artist Showcase Phoenix, AZ

• October 2019 Cancer Support Comumunity, Phoenix, AZ
  Live painting during brunch then auctioned off for the charity.

• May 2021 Solo Exhibition at The Goldwater Gallery, Scottsdale AZ
  Silent auction benefiting one*n*ten Phoenix.

• November 2021 Solo Exhibition at The Goldwater Gallery, Scottsdale AZ
  Art calendar benefiting one*n*ten Phoenix.

• January 2022 ShalomeArt Calendar with proceeds benefiting one *n* ten